How to I set a sharepoint online date column to be empty using update items action?

  • 6 July 2021
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In NWC using the update items action I want to set the value of a date column to be empty.


I have an assets list which staff check out and check in items.

When an asset is checked out I set the custom date column 'Check Out Time' to the current data/time.


When the asset is checked back in I want to clear out the date/time from the 'Check Out time' column.


In the update items action it will not let me publish the workflow when I leave the value for the field blank.

I cannot create a variable of date/time without setting an initial value.

If I try a text variable which is empty the workflow errors on executing the update items action.


Anyone come across this before and found a solution?


Best answer by Gavin-Adams 6 July 2021, 07:36

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1 reply

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I also logged this as support request and had a very prompt response.


As I had a nintex start form we could do the following to resolve the issue.


1. Add a Date/Time control with empty value on NWC start event Form. You can hide it if you want. Do not add any date while submitting form in this field.

2. In "update items" action use this "start event date field" to update SharePoint list column date value with empty date.