Going backwards during a running instance

  • 14 December 2022
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Hi everyone,

as I understand this is not possible but I still wanted to ask if there is a workaround or so. Is it possible to go backward during a process is running? For example, if a form is submitted for approval but I need to change a field's input. Can I go back and edit it? Or do I have to start from scratch?

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2 replies

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Hi @--1 

Short answer - No possible.


You could build a workflow using the Branch by Stage action which can move forward and backwards. Refer to the following link.



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I agree. Use a branch by stage. That's assuming the approver though would be the one to initiate that changes are required by the initiator.


If the initiator from the start event form needs to make changes I'm not sure how a branch by stage would even work unless they tell the approver to action it and send it back to you.


Note: if going that route ....I'd test the reoccurrence possibilities though between a task actions. With objects you can't use them again on a branch. We use SharePoint list or library data on task forms and have this issue when trying to capture the latest info from list item etc.


Not sure if you will run into the same issue for example if one branch is for initial review, changes and re-review... What happens if changes are needed a 2nd time? You'd also have to pass a variable for a "status" or indicator to determine what info shows as deafult for the changes task form (you'd use rules to determine default values). Do you want the initial review task for info to show on form or the re-review task form data to show. There Is alot to consider when data is being changed and passed around.