Get a signature how to input [Custom Message] merge field for esign envelope?

  • 25 May 2023
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I have a NAC workflow which we use the document generation action to build a document then send it into the Nintex esign with get a signature action.

I have a template setup in esign / assuresign with a signer jotblock and a few extra send inputs.

These dynamic jotblocks are added into the document that goes through the generate document action then into get a signature action, This is all working correctly.


In assuresign in the email notification settings, I have cloned the emails into a new email design set and I’m customising the ‘Document available to sign’ email template that goes to the signer.

In this email body is the [custom message] global merge field.

I want to dynamically input this message based on the category of document in my workflow.

Essentially how can I get the [custom message] merge field to appear as a parameter / property in the ‘Get A Signature’ action for my envelope template?



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Hi Everyone,

I’ve worked out how to do this.

Create a sender input and make it required.

Go to the notification steps for the template.from the left side icons.

Expand the selected message for Step 1 - document available to sign.

In the custom message field insert the Sender input that you created earlier.