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  • 29 January 2019
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Hoping we can have an option to type text in the field if the option Is not available in the list. 

It is not available in either of the Fields. 

Also giving the drop-down option to multiple select, so the form looks cleaner and does not have several check boxes to select. 


Thank You 


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@Sven could you please help out here?

Hi @aadhawan , 


you can accomplish this challenge, with a rule. 


1) Create a Text Short Field -> change Visible to NO

2) In your dropdown, add a value called "Please select"

3) Create a rule -> If drop down value is "Please Select" then Visible to yes for the text field and else visible to NO


With this method, your form stays clean and nice. 😁






Thank you for your response, and yes I am aware of hiding it and re-displaying it. 

It just takes one spot on the field, which will either stay empty or appear when they select please select. (Was not aware about the use of please select option in the rules)


Will it be an option to just type in the future?

Will there be a drop-down option for multiple select?



HI @aadhawan ,


thanks for the message.


What i would suggest is to use our UserVoice to request and ask for this feature -> our pm takes a close look at these things.