Doc Generation in WFC - Using multiple templates

Greetings friends,

I am looking for suggestions on the best way to accomplish a task.

1. We are using the Document Generation action to generate up to 11 different templates.

2. All the docs that get generated will need to save to the same directory with unique names


When using a single Doc Gen action to set up multiple templates (separate PDFs), I only see one output file option. I don't know how to set it to dynamically name each generated document uniquely.


Would it make sense to use 11 Doc Gen actions for each template?


Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm sure this is an easy problem to solve for those more experienced.


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Hi @nintexnooob,

Take a look at the Generation type setting in the Generate Document action. This is where you choose what type of document or documents you want to generate. There are 2 options that result in separate files, each has a limit of 5 templates. Once you change that selection to one of the separate file generation types, you'll see that each template you've specified will have its own Output file name setting.
So, if you need to generate 11 separate files from 11 separate templates, you'll probably want to use 3 document generation actions in your workflow.

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@nintexnooob were you able to get the Generation Type updated per Andrea's suggestion?

Thanks @Nintex_Andrea  and @butlerj I am giving it a go this afternoon. Makes total sense.