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Does anyone have any experience connect Workflow Cloud to Mulesoft.  The customer has Mulesoft connected to Filenet and wants to use a workflow process to push documents into Filenet.


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@jeffs While I haven't ever tried to connect NWC to Mulesoft, want to make sure I understand what they're trying to accomplish with the integration. Are they looking to leverage DocGen within the workflow to build customized documents with data passed from Mulesoft to NWC and then store the generated document into Filenet, or are they looking to replace their Mulesoft Anypoint flow with an NWC workflow instead?



@butlerj    They are going to be generating contracts through Drawloop, and sending them for signature through Nintex Sign.  There is no requirement at this point to populate the documents with data from Mulesoft. They want to store the final signed document in Filenet and they say they use Mulesoft to front Filenet.  From what I can tell Filenet has a CMIS interface and not a REST interface for content.  Mulesoft has a CMIS interface, so I believe that's how they connect to Filenet.


I assume we can connect NWC to Mulesoft through a REST API.  I don't know if that would use Mulesoft ESB or Anypoint.    I want to validate the approach and be able to speak to what Mulesoft REST APIs would be used before heading into a call next week.    Thx!



I would be interested to know if you discovered any information about integrating with systems via Mulesoft Anypoint?




AWS API Intergration with Mulesoft

I am trying to call my AWS API through mulesoft.

My AWS API is perfectly working in browser and Postman. I have created HTTP listener and HTTP request in mulesoft but it is giving HTTP connectivity error.

Does anyone have any reference material to connect AWS API through mulesoft?