Call a Web Service - Certificate error

Looking for some tips / advice on using the Call a Webservice function in NWC.   I have a service our company is creating, and I've been testing it in Postman.  I created a simple test WF in NWC to try to interact with the service but I receive an error "SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed" when I attempt to call the service. 


I've re-used the JSON header from the postman run (with the User-Agent and Postman-Token fields removed), however this does not seem to make NWC happy. After about 20 seconds, I receive the error shown above.  Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? 





Example Header





Content-Type: "application/json"

Authorization: "Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Accept: "application/json"

Cache-Control: "no-cache"

Host: ""

Accept-Encoding: "gzip, deflate, br"

Accept-Certificate: "true"

Connection: "keep-alive"

Content-Length: 77





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What service are you attempting to hit and are you able to do it with basic auth and no auth in postman?

The service is an insurance coverage service that returns a list of acceptable limits and deductibles.  It is hosted from our own web portal, and is intended for our customers to eventually interact with from their own websites. 


The service supports bearer token authentication only, and postman works fine when using an auth token.  The header sample I provided was taken directly from a working postman collection. (See attached postman headers for request/response)





Hello! did you get to have solution for this? Because I am currently running into the same problem and I don't see any replies here 😞