BUG - can't save a start event form field value - when HIDDEN

  • 9 November 2021
  • 2 replies

Within a custom NWC form, I have a rule to set a value/field - which I then need to SAVE to SharePoint list.     This works - but only when the field is VISIBLE.


If I make the field 'hidden' - then the value doesn't get saved ??


This is a BUG - I don't want the user to see the STATUS - so I want it hidden.   

I've had to make it WHITE TEXT and WHITE BACKGROUND - but a user can 'tab' to it - and change the value.


2 replies

I've noticed this too, and pretty sure it hasnt always been like this.

Its really useful to have hidden fields that you can set conditional values in with rules, which can be used later in the workflow or in lists once saved. 


Hopefully Nintex can take a look and see if this is its intended function or if its a bug.

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Couple of workarounds to try:
1) put the fields (set as visible) in a group, then hide the group
2) see if you can use a form variable. (then in your workflows action reference the form variable rather than control.)

I agree though it would be nice for hidden field data to be available in the workflow