set item permissions while using PeoplePicker ItemProperty when run in timer service process

  • 4 November 2015
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I am encountering a strange issue in production. I might be creating a direct ticket with Nintex or contacting my previous contacts like Aaron Labiosa to fix this. But before that I would like to post and see if anybody has encountered the issue before and resolved it.


My Nintex workflow fails to execute and throws a error when executing "set item permissions" action.

I am using the action to set permissions for the workflow list item. I assigning permissions for 2 SharePoint Groups and 2 ItemProperty:peoplepicker fields.

I have added a pause action to have the workflow start from a timer service. when the workflow execution reaches the "set item permission" action it fails. but it adds SharePoint groups but not the users part of the ItemProperty:peoplepicker Fields.


I tried another test by removing the pause action to have it run in the worker process. Now it can add both the SharePoint groups and the Itemproperty:peoplepicker Fields.


But I cannot use this method as down the workflow execution I have lot of pause and "Set Item Permissions" action to be executed,

Not sure what is the difference between running the workflow in worker process vs timer service which the latter makes the workflow fail


Also few days back I had some of the workflow failed when trying to send notification to a user and throwed the below error and it solved automatically


"Cannot retrieve the information for application credential key"


I am not sure if this might be related to the issue I am experiencing. After few hours of sufing the net I believe that the above issue seems to be related to a one way trust created to another AD and the people picker could not resolve user from the AD to get the user details to send notification. I am not sure if this issue is related to the problem Iam seeing with "Set Item Permission" Action.


Please respond ASAP if you have previously encountered this issue before.

1 reply

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I was able to figure out the issue and found a resolution.  Logs revealed that the Set Item Permissions action could not resolve the user even if the user was available in AD.


There was a One Way trust configured with another domain from the AD. So the server team had reset the app password for all the Web Front End servers but not on the Application Servers.

stsadm -o setapppassword -password <password>


So When I used a Pause Action which runs in the Timer Service process, it had run from the application servers and failed to execute further. So the app password was reset in both the app servers to get the issue resolved.