How to release an Open item to user?

  • 6 October 2005
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Hi all,
I have this process which using Infopath as the client in my workflow and i found that there's one process is in the status of "Open" by user A. however, it has been there for sometime and now i would like to release it to User B. how can i do that using the Worklist tool in K2.Net Service Manager? By the way, in what circumtances that it will cause the status to become "Open"? The infopath form will be stored in a workspace of Sharepoint 2003.

Please advise.


4 replies

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Open Service Manager and expand the tree on the left until you see the items under your registered Server. Select 'Worklist' and double-click 'Manage Worklist' in right-hand pane. Enter the name of User A in the Destination text box and click on 'Find Now'. All User A's Worklist items should be listed below. Make sure ALL Worklistitems are Unselected except the one you need to redirect to User B. Click on the 'Redirect' button and select User B as the new Destination user.

When a worklist item is assigned to users, the initial status will be 'Available'. When the first user opens the worklist item, that user's worklist item's status will change to 'Open' while the other worklist items' status will change to 'Allocated'.

Hope this helps,
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Working with InfoPath forms, the above recommendation MAY not work depending on certain process settings like 'Allow anyone to complete this event' and 'Enable Submit Button for Destination User Only'. You'll have to test and see whether it does work for you.

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Hi Ockert,
Thanks for your reply. Can i say that when User A opens the work item of Infopath form and does not submit the form, the status will be always in "Open"??? In my workflow, any 1 of the three destination users able to submit the form. The Infopath form has been set that only enable the submit button to destination users.
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Can i say that when User A opens the work item of Infopath form and does not submit the form, the status will be always in "Open"???

Is this a question or a statement?

The standard InfoPath (IP) integration works slightly different to normal aspx client pages interaction. When the initial user openes the IP form, the task item is not allocated ( This implies that it is possible for a subsequent user to open their copy of the task item and submit the form while the first user is still busy with the form.
If you have specified a name for the temporary file (assuming that the file name is the same for each destination user) in the Infopath client event template, then the file locking functionality should prevent this from happening, since only one copy of the file is created even if there are multiple destinations.

Hope this makes sense,