Cannot use "&" in a Group Rule....

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I am trying to create a Task Group Rule in a Workflow, so if a user is a member of department R&D (this is the Department as it is displayed in Active Directory) then send notification to the Manager, problem is it won't let me create a simple rule:




I can't ask for the Department name to be changed for all the users, so how do i get K2 to allow me to define this rule if the department contains an & ???


I also tried using the context browser - inline functions - text - CONTAINS, but that brings up the same message...


Any ideas? Is there a code to allow an & like in programming where you precide it with another character?


Thanks in advance,

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From what I can gather from looking at your example the Task Group name you have specified is the issue that you might be having. It doesn't seem that an error is being thrown for your rule but if you change the name of the Task Group it might work just make a note of the change. Otherwise I would think that everything should work for you as long as your rule is pointing to the correct department.




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Doh, your right, thanks Jacob.


All funky now